A Huge Thank You!

Posted by . , Sunday, May 2, 2010 7:07 PM

Cultural Night 2010 @ Sunway College Campus

We performed at Sunway College Campus for Cultural Night on the 30th April 2010.

One word to describe the entire night, spectacular.

The crowd was enthusiastic, participative, and the were amazing.
The different cultures, made the night a colorful and an amazing one.
The crowd made the night, beautiful.
The audience made the show breath taking, and the energy we got from them, made the night one to remember.

Thank You Fans, MUISS, and everyone else!
Thank You All!

-Crossing Boundaries-

Pre-Cultural Night For You!

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Cultural Night 2010

Hello Ladies and Gents with semi melted faces!

Want to further melt your faces?
Want to experience the cultural mix of our university?
Want to get a taste of the different cultures outside your own?

Now you can!

Tonight is the night for all the cultures from different nations to come together, to mingle, to dance and to have fun and go wild.

Discover the tastes, sights and sounds of the world under one roof.

Embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences.
For one night, we look beyond our distinct nationalities and share our love for music!

We will be @ MPH, Sunway College Campus, 7.00 p.m. onwards.
For only RM20, you get face-melting music from several others bands, including ourselves, cultural performances by international friends and delicious finger food from different parts of the world. 

It is indeed going to be one night to remember.

Come watch us and party with the rest, experience the colors of world only at cultural night!

-Crossing Boundaries-

Will You Come To Cultural Night?

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Hello There!

Last night was our gig @ Laila's Cafe & Lounge, and we think we did pretty awesome!
We let our hearts out, melted some faces with a set of our own originals, and had a fantastic night celebrating Shaneil Devaser, our lead guitarist and singer's 22nd birthday!

We want to thank those who came to support us, and want to say, awesome show to the other musicians who played the same night as us.

Thank you to Laila's Cafe for allowing us to play that night, and once again, a big shout out to everyone who came to watch us, support us, and sing with us.

We thank you all!

Our next gig coming up is:

Monash Cultural Night 2010

The poster says it all!
It is on the 30th of April, 7 to 12am, Sunway MPH.

Need I say more?

We're all hard at work for this upcoming gig.
Jam sessions are set, the guitars are tuned.
The drums are beating, and the bass is booming.

We're ready for you guys if you guys are ready for an awesome night!

Do come and join us, celebrate your culture whatever it is, have fun, party, and sing along to the songs that we're about to melt your faces with!

See you all there!

-Crossing Boundaries-

Our New Beginnings.

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Greetings everyone!
We are Crossing Boundaries, and we finally came about to creating a Blogspot just to update our fans and friends via blog.

This is our first post, and there really isn't much to say, other than just, hello, and do follow us, read about our daily routines and lives, see the sights and hear the sounds that we venture in.

Have an amazing day!

Crossing Boundaries @ Monash Extreme Sports Carnival
Photographs courtesy of Nicole-Danielle

The crowd was amazing. 

Of course they were our own fellow University mates, but they were still amazing nonetheless. We firmly believe that an audience makes the show, breathtaking, and it is our duty as performers, musicians in fact, to perform, and entertain every single on of you, and the energy we've gotten in return was spectacular!!

Here are some photographs for those who have missed it, and for those who just wanna have a look-see.

Lead Guitarist and Vocalist, Jeremiah Abraham

Lead Guitarist / Vocalist, Shaneil Devaser

Bassist, Tristan Devadason

Drummer, Rashaad Ali

More up at our Facebook page, so do join us, be a fan, support your local act, and come watch us!

Our next gig is up on the 21st April 2010 (Wednesday) @ 10.30pm, Laila's Cafe & Lounge where we are to perform an acoustic set of originals as one of the opening acts for "Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob".

So, if you have nothing to do that night, do swing by and watch us, support us, and have a beer with us, because Happy Hour is all night long!

The other gig we are to do is @ Monash University, performing for Monash Cultural Night, 30th April 2010. Do come and join us, have fun, and you might be in for a big surprise! :) We're about to do something that we've never done before.

Have an amazing weekend, and see you guys soon!